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Our Process

At our firm, we believe that the financial planning process should involve listening to our clients to determine a course of action, rather than placing them into a pre-packaged strategy without concern to their unique circumstances. Ours is a six step process, outlined below:

1. Define the client-advisor relationship

In this step we will meet to learn what you hope to gain from working with our firm. If it looks like the relationship will be beneficial, we will move ahead to step 2.

2. Data gathering

Here you will lay out a net worth statement, budget, and goals. If you have never completed these exercises, we will guide you in putting these items together. You will also be asked to provide past investment experiences as well as completing a risk tolerance assessment. This will provide the framework for step 3 and beyond.

3. Analyzing the data

At this point, using the data gathered in step 2, we will work to put together a suggested investment strategy. Careful attention will be paid to make sure the course of action that we recommend in step 4 is unique to your personal financial situation.

4. Strategy recommendation

Here we will meet to propose a plan that is tailored to help you reach your financial goals. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and to make sure you are comfortable moving forward to step 5.

5. Implement the strategy

Assuming you are comfortable with the plan we have put together, you will sign the necessary paperwork to put the plan in motion. We will introduce the variety of options you will have to stay abreast of investment performance. We will also make suggestions on how often the plan should be reviewed as laid out below in step 6.

6. Monitoring and adapting

Your financial plan should be monitored regularly...we suggest at least once per year. All of our client's plans have one thing in common...they must be adapted when a situation arises that dictates change. Maybe your son has received a scholarship and you no longer need college funding? Perhaps you switch jobs and your 401(k) needs attention? Perhaps your risk tolerance has changed due to increased confidence in the economy? The scenarios are endless and only with regular contact can you be certain your plan has been tweaked to reflect your life's changing circumstances.